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Title: Records found
     X Ray crystal structure analysis of some organophosphorus compounds2
     X Ray of the textile coisis1
     X ray absorption studies of some complexes1
     X ray and optical investigations in some electro-optic binary crystalline compounds1
     X ray and optical studies on firous proteins and related compounds1
     X ray crystallographic studies on hiv 1 protease1
     X ray different and spectroscopic studies of coal from north east India1
     X ray luminscence, thermally stimulated luminescenceses,deformation induced luminescence, and isothermal monochromatic luminescence decay studies on undoped,Na and Ca doped KCL single crystals.1
     X ray spectroscopic study of Tungsten compounds1
     X ray studies on biological fibres1
     X ray studies on the physico chemical nature of liquids solutions and amorphous solids1
     X ray studies on the thermal expansion of some chalcopyrite quaternary semiconductors1
     X-Chromosome reactivation and other Cytogenetic Changes with varying Endogenous Hormnones1
     X-RAY crystal structure analysis of some organic compounds1
     X-Ray & neutron diffraction electrical & magnetic studies of substituted lithium ferrites2
     X-Ray Diffraction By Hairs, Feathers, Fibers And Liquids1
     X-Ray Diffraction Studies In Cellulose And Keratin Fibers1
     X-Ray Investigation of Thermal expansion of some Crystals1
     X-Ray K-Absorption Spectroscopic Studies of some copper and cobalt complexes1

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