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Title: Records found
     W B Yeat's theory of poetry1
     W B Yeats and Japanese NOH plays1
     W B Yeats and the Upanishads: A critical study1
     W B Yeats and the ideal of Unity of Being1
     W B Yeats: A study in poetic growth and excellence1
     W B Yeats: His idea ofpoetry and its appplicatioon to his work1
     W B yeats and India: A Study in Reception of Literarcy Influence1
     W H Auden and the thirties2
     W H Auden: A critical study with speacial reference to the plays and longer poems1
     W H Auden: From Communism to Christianity1
     W H Davies as a poet1
     W Pinero: Actor and playwright1
     W S Maugham's short stories: A study of the theme and techniques1
     W Somerest Maugham: A study in the conflict between cynicism and humanitarianism1
     W.B. Yeats and the poetic drama1
     W.B. Yeats: A study in poetic growth and excellence1
     W.B. Yeats: His idea of poetry and its application to his work1
     W.B.Yeats and the Poetic Drama1
     W.H. Auden: A study in development1
     W.H.Auden: A Critical study with special reference to the Plays and Longer Poems1

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