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     U N Efforts in the field of Human Rights and India: a critical evaluation1
     U N and human rights with special reference to the position of Indians in South Africa1
     U P Financial corporation: A study of its resource mobilisation and lending operations1
     U P State Industrial Development Corporation: A critical study of its working as catalyst for industrial development1
     U P Vidhan Sabha mein vipakshi dalon kee bhumika 1952-19861
     U P ke arthik sansadhan unka upyog aur vikas (Hindi)1
     U P under J S Meston, 1912-181
     U S - Pakistan strategic relations since 19791
     U S A Base at diego garcia and india's security1
     U S A and the Arab world with particular reference to the relations between U S A and Egypt, 1952-631
     U S Afghan relations after second world war1
     U S And Strengthening Of Civil Society In Bangladesh: A Case Study Of USAID1
     U S Military aid to Pakistan and India's security 1980-911
     U S Policy of Encirclement of the Soviet Union: Containment and Confronation1
     U S Policy of arms aid since 19731
     U S Policy towards Indian Ocean, 1965-721
     U S Relations with Chile and Argentina (1970-75)1
     U S S R Sutpreme Soviet at work: a study of Presidium, standing commissions and ad-hoc committees, 1958-761
     U S Strategy in the Indian Ocean vis-a-vis India's policy1
     U S executive, congress and the issue of american troop levels in Western Europe, 1950-681

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