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     S A A R C - A S E A N economic integration: a strategic imperative for expansion of collective self-reliance1
     S A A R C: a study of issues,problems and prospects1
     S Ananthamanyan life amd works a study1
     S K Karimakhan: Jeevan mattu sahitya1
     S L Byrappanavara kadamberigalu: Ondu adhyayana1
     S M Paranjpe: Literary study1
     S S Amol dee Punjabi sahit nun den1
     S S kotina avara barahagalu1
     S Satyamurti: A political biography1
     S T Coleridge's contribution to English criticism1
     S Wajed Ali: Jiban O sahitya1
     S funds mangement in bubic sector banks in india1
     S k pottekkatt's social perspective:A study based on his novels1
     S l bairappanavar ittichina kaadambarigala vastu vinyas1
     S-Spaces and operands over semigroups1
     S-closed space, semitopological properties and semi homeomorphisms1
     S. S. Misha de kavi rachna- ek adhyayan1
     S.N.D.P. Yogam and Kerala politics1
     S.Wajed Ali: jiban o sahitya1
     S137 phosphorylation of profilin 1 promotes anchorage-independence, migration and invasion in breast cancer cells1

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