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Title: Records found
     R & D in iron and steel industry in public sector with special reference to sail: Managerial Perspecitve1
     R C K Prem krit upanayas kaikhand mein rajnitik chetana1
     R G Collingwood: An anlytic study1
     R G impedance of a gas discharge plasma and its correlation with the electron mobility1
     R K Narayan as a novelist1
     R K Narayan as an indo-Anglian novelist1
     R K Narayan aur Fanishwarnath Renu ke upanyason ka tulnatmak adhyayan1
     R K Narayan's The dark room: a semiotic analysis1
     R K Narayan's short fiction: a thematic study1
     R K Narayan's vision of women1
     R K Narayan: A critical study1
     R K Narayan: A critical study of his novels1
     R K Narayan: An assessment of his novels short stories with a special study of his comic genius1
     R K Narayan: Artist and novelist1
     R K Narayan: novelist of the middle classes1
     R K Narayan`s protagonists and the philosophy of action/karma: a study in the perspective of vedanta1
     R K Narayans Fiction: A quest for spiritual renaissance1
     R K narayan and K K Narayan and K Nagarajan: A comparative study with special reference to their philosophy of life1
     R K narayan as a regional novelist: a critical appraisal1
     R K narayan's short stories:A study1

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