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     I A Richard's theory of language1
     I A Richards: An evaluation of his contribution to English literary criticism1
     I Care for Myself: Emergence of the woman protagonist in Charlotte Bronte's fiction from the Juvenila to the novels1
     I Effects of cucurbitacin on somatic embryogeny in vitro: and II Cucurbitaceae nucellus cultures as a correlative study on the probable role of cucurbitacins in somatic embryogeny1
     I Functions and their application in boundary value problems1
     I I Sc1
     I L O and labour welfare legislation in India1
     I P M potential as aplied to photoionization1
     I Saolation And Charaterization Of Heparin Like Anticoagulant From The Seaweed Acanthophora Spicifera (Vahi) Boergesenstuduies On Seahrses With Special Regerence To Hippocampus Keelloggi (Jordan And Sryder 1902)Southeast Coast Of I1
     I T D Ps sociological studies of health: family welfare planning and integrated child development programmes among the Gonds in Utnoor (Tq) Adilabad District1
     I V S Achyatavali navalaiu Samagrpariseelana1
     I. Oxidation of N-ligands II. Salts of substituted malonic acids1
     I.A. Riechards and modern literary criticism1
     IBN An-nadim on religious sect in ancient India1
     IBN E Fareed ki nigarishat ka tanqeedi mutalea1
     ICA application in signal processing and artificial neural networks1
     ICDS programme and rural women1
     ICDS scheme for adolescent girls: A study1
     ICRC anti-leprosy vaccine: Immunological and biochemical studies1

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