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Title: Records found
     D B MOkashi yanchya sahityacha abhyas1
     D B Mokshi yanchya sahityacha abhyas1
     D C resistivity and structural investigations of iron containing barium-boro-vanadate glasses1
     D H Lawrence and Anita Desai: a comparative study1
     D H Lawrence and St Francis and Assisi nature mystics1
     D H Lawrence and some aspects of 19th century thoughts and art1
     D H Lawrence and the Akam, Poets: A comparative study of their thems1
     D H Lawrence and the elements of consciousness1
     D H Lawrence and the idea of evil2
     D H Lawrence and the theme of alienation in his novels1
     D H Lawrence and women1
     D H Lawrence as a creative critic: a study1
     D H Lawrence as a literary critic1
     D H Lawrence as an interpreter of themysticism of the flesh1
     D H Lawrence the dramatist: A study of his themes and technique1
     D H Lawrence's achievement as a short story writer: a thematic study1
     D H Lawrence's concept of the Holy Ghost: A study of his fiction1
     D H Lawrence's male characters on a quest for self-fulfilment1
     D H Lawrence's response to christianity with special reference to his dissent background1
     D H Lawrence's search for a unified and creative consciousness: A study of his ideas of nature, self and art in the light of traditional Indian thought1

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