Department of Education

The Central University of Haryana School of Education aims to facilitate studies in all emerging areas of Education such as Educational Administration, Management, Supervision and Finance, Teacher Education, Information & Communication Technology, Inclusive Education, Distance Education, Value & Peace Education, Yoga Education, Environmental Education, Gender Issues etc. to prepare teacher educators who perform optimally in the schools and other related research areas. The school shall empower individuals to be torch bearers of social change by transforming society with a coordination of material and moral frame work of the groups to which individual belongs. The school has emerged as a role model with respect to the pedagogical interventions, innovations in research and creation of enriched teaching –learning environments which ignite minds through challenge and feedback.

The School of Education offers following Programme:

  • Ph.D. in Education
  • M.Phil. in Education (With an Intake of 07 Students)
  • M.A. Education (With an Intake of 15 Students)
  • M.Ed. (With an Intake of 50 Students)-Regular face to face
  • B.Ed. (With an Intake of 100 Students) - Regular face to face

Objectives of the Department

The department aims to provide value education, quality teaching and research to the aspirant learners. The Department strives to achieve following objectives-

  • To acquaint the students with various issues, challenges and prospects in the field of education.
  • To acquaint the students with different methods of teaching to make the teaching-learning process more effective.
  • To explore emerging trends in research keeping in view the needs of the people at local, national and global level.
  • To acquaint the students with different skills required for teaching, writing research papers, presenting papers in seminars and symposiums.
  • To generate and strengthen the value of equity and equal opportunity, hardworking, commitment, cooperation, national integration, etc.
  • To link the department with other disciplines by accepting multi-disciplinary approach.
  • To associate with different agencies of education outside the University for the cause of quality research in education.

Research Output

Research output of the department

Faculty of the Department

Dr. Sarika Sharma
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. Edu, M.Ed, M.A. (Eco. & Engl.), MBA (HR), Diploma in Women Empowerment & Development, DACA
Specialization : “Educational Administration, Management, Supervision & Finance”, Value Education, Teaching learning, women empowerment, HRM
Experience : 18 Years
Email ID :
Contact No. : 01285- 249403,8222088814
Dr. Renu Yadav
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M. Sc. (Microbio.), M.Ed. M.Phil., NET , Ph.D (Education)
Specialization : Educational Psychology
Experience : More than 6 Years experience
Email ID :
Contact No. :
Dr. Dinesh
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. Edu, M.Ed, M.A. (History), M.M.C NET (History) & NET (Education)
Specialization : Teacher Education, Guidance and Counselling
Experience : 9 Years
Email ID :
Contact No. :
Ms. Arti Yadav
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil, NET, Pursuing Ph.D
Specialization : Educational Psychology, Value Education
Experience : 5 years
Email ID :
Contact No. :